Articles of Twinship





ARTICLES OF TWINSHIP is a pamphlet of poems about growing up an identical twin in the post-war years. It was a runner-up in the Bare Fiction Debut Poetry Collection competition 2015.


“gorgeous, lyrical and heartbreaking poems of twinship, the body; life as somethingtentative as well as tender”   –   Andrew McMillan


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The following poem from the pamphlet was commended in the Ware Poetry Competition 2015, adjudicated by Carrie Etter.






In 2c Mr. Barber asks us to collect

double double lettered words


as toffee, coffee, balloon, settee,

tattoo, bassoon, buffoon, woollen,


and this appeals to me. With fifty-two years gone,

I’ve graduated through “committee” and “Tennessee”


to “bookkeeping”. That’s dedication, Dad.

Although it’s late, the search is on.